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Norton antivirus is a computer security software developed by Symantec Corporation. It provides protection in various ways such as spam filtering of emails and phishing protection. Norton provides support for all its product via Norton phone number like Antivirus support can be availed by contacting Norton antivirus phone number, technical support for Norton can be reached on Norton support number and overall full 360 support is available on Norton 360 phone number and in case any general billing issue arises, Norton also provide customer support via Norton customer service phone number. Norton removes viruses from your windows or Mac, Android or iOS devices. Norton also provides threat detection and elimination service. It stops unwanted pop-ups from appearing and prevents any suspicious behavior of PC. Norton provides their services fast and remotely without any inconvenience. It enhances the performance of your PC by removing malware. It is far ahead in providing protection to your PC as compared to their counterparts in the same industry. You get an all-around protection from browsing to PC files. From theft-proofing your private data to non-recoverable deletion of your data, for more information one can contact Norton support number. If Norton users are facing any technical issues using Norton products, they can contact Norton tech support number. For general queries, users can contact Norton customer service executives by contacting Norton antivirus customer service phone number or also by dialing norton customer service phone number and the executives will help you with best of their knowledge.

norton support numberNorton Antivirus Support

Norton with their product and services also provide help & support related to all of their product and services. It is a universal truth that anything that ages is going to slow down. When we talk about PC’s or laptops, it is a fact that they will slow down with time. No matter how well you look after your PC, computer crashes is going to happen. Norton utilities fix all common issues that can slow down or crash a PC thus keeps your PC running smoothly, all the details and support can be availed via Norton phone support. It is simple fact that if your hard drive is more organized or stocked, the better your computer will function. If your computer has more free space then it is easier to organize the data. On the other hand, due to some incorrect settings, your PC have to work extra which will not give you any benefit. If customers are having any issues related to this, all they have to do is to contact Norton antivirus customer service phone number or call Norton support number and they will be assisted by experts for all of their queries. Customers will interact with qualified professionals to get all sort of help. Norton cleans up your hard drive for any of such settings and cleans up all the duplicate files and unused applications. If you want to create any profile with suits you then you can create that in Norton and in another case it comes with preset profiles which can help you to get best out of your PC. All products of Norton are so advanced that frequent users will not have any issue working with it. However, if some users are facing any issues related to Norton antivirus then they can contact on Norton support phone number to get help. Norton educates all of their representatives fully on the complete range of their antiviruses’ lineage so that in case if they need to support or provide help to any customer, they are able to assist customer no matter what the query is via Norton contact number and Norton number. This way it will help building a better relationship between a user and the company.

Norton Technical support

We all have files stored in our PC and some are very personal files. In this digital era, it is a must to keep all your personal files safe and sound from any intruder. Norton helps you to keep your digital life private and secured. You can shred them for no one to recover or access them afterward. Norton also provides you the function of erasing your recently opened file history and protect your privacy. For any further details on the complete product range, contact Norton phone support or call Norton support phone number. Norton phone number and Norton antivirus phone number are dedicated to providing quality Norton phone support, round the clock to assure complete customer satisfaction.

In case you are wondering if there arise a situation where you accidentally deletes your important file then worry not, as Norton is capable of restoring them. You ask how? When a file is deleted from any hard disk, it is not deleted completely. It stays on the hard drive even after you have deleted them. With Norton, you can recover those files with few clicks. There may be some users who are unable to operate Norton or are finding some critical issues while using Norton antivirus. For all those customers Norton technical support phone number is there to provide assistance 24/7. Norton antivirus tech support phone number is open 24/7. Norton technical support number is one stop shop for all your technical queries related to Norton Antivirus.

Norton 360 support

With so many different antiviruses and with different versions and each version better than the previous one, it is definitely a confusing situation for any customer to rely on any single antivirus. Norton provides you with the large product range, along with Norton 360 phone support via Norton 360 phone number, which gets updated without having to change it with other antivirus or version. It includes all the features possible to keep a PC running smoothly. The users can take advantage of all these features and also if any unwanted situation arises users can take help from Norton 360 support phone number or any other Norton number.

Norton also provides Backup and restore facility that is very useful when your PC crashes. It provides protection against phishing and clean registries to remove any invalid entries. For users who are completely unaware of how to use these features, Norton antivirus customer support phone number and Norton customer service phone number can help them in gaining knowledge about the usage. Norton 360 comes with three different versions such as Norton 360 antivirus Premier Edition as well as Norton 360 antivirus multi-device and Norton 360 antivirus standard edition with Norton 360 premiere. Norton 360 has a clean and minimal user interface so that even if a user is new to Norton family, they can easily use Norton great features. Norton 360 is loaded with various tools that apart from virus detection helps you to remove unwanted clusters of data from your OS so that it runs smooth and it also provides firewall functionalities that prevent access to any unauthorized file or websites that may harm your PC. Any user can take help from their sales expert easily by calling Norton antivirus customer service number. Norton antivirus phone number, along with any other Norton number,  is always available there to help users anytime. Norton has the largest team of security experts which provide help on a large scale to make and enhance the Norton 360 so that customers have the best of antivirus running on their system. From last 25 years, Norton has built a rich database of security intelligence. It also has one of the largest cyber-crime prevention operations in the world. Norton, being the most widely used security software, ensures that all customer queries should be answered timely. For support queries, Norton support number will be the best choice and for customer service queries, one can use Norton customer service number.

Norton Customer support

All users are recommended to contact Norton customer support phone number for billing and general queries. Norton antivirus technical support phone number will get you to professionals who are working with Norton Symantec Technical support team. Users can take help for all kind of issues they are facing. Problems that users can face using Norton are:

  • Unable to install Norton 360 antivirus
  • Configuration problems
  • Sudden crashes
  • Unable to open Norton antivirus console
  • Quick Norton scan not working
  • Useful file detected and deleted as virus
  • Compatibility issues
  • Updating issues
  • Unable to remove virus or corrupt registry files
  • Unable to uninstall Norton security software

You should be assured that even if any virus is able to escape through Norton’s multi-layer protection, the global team, available on Norton tech support phone number and Norton phone number, will provide world class support to remove it without causing any damage to other useful files. In this technological era, you are not fully protected from the cyber crime. Your PC’s firewall may or may not be able to protect you from all those attacks. You will be requiring a Norton 360 antivirus protection for an overall protection. Norton provides a cutting edge technology in terms of computer security and Norton antivirus support phone number as well as Norton contact number is there to help the user with any issues.

Why is Antivirus security important?

An antivirus is a software or a set of programs that is used to detect, prevent and to remove various kind of malware or malicious software like Trojans, worms, adware and more so that they do not harm your computer or any device that you use. These kinds of software is necessary for any user to have installed it on a computer and also to keep it up-to-date. If failing to do so the computer will get infected as soon as it is connected to the internet. There are several kinds of malicious code written each day around 60000. The organizations that make anti-virus, keep on constantly updating them to provide protection to their customers worldwide.

Though there are several companies that provide antivirus support with a large variety of functioning, but all offers some basic functions which are:

  • It scans any directories or specific file or location for any malicious or malware which can cause problems.
  • It allows you to scan your PC or any specific file, any CD or any flash drive.
  • It notifies the user of any malicious code or sometimes removes it by itself behind the scenes.
  • It allows to schedule scans as to keep a regular checkup.
  • It keeps PC protected and safe from this malware.

Norton being one of the best, not only because of its products but due to the friendly support options provided via Norton phone number and Norton antivirus phone number to the consumers, makes easy for computer users to use their computer without much of a trouble.