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Bitdefender is a Romanian based internet software company incorporated in the year 2001. Since the inception of Bitdefender, it is continuously developing online protection. Bitdefender anti-virus has the capabilities against internet security threats and its applications include web protection, firewall, cloud antispam, file encryption, parental controls, device anti-theft, a vulnerability scanner as well as a backup for personal and private users. Recently, Bitdefender has included new products which help in a secure browsing for online transactions, a virtual wallet option to save passwords, and includes profiles for personal optimization. Technical support for all the features ia available on Bitdefender technical support phone number and for all the general and customer service queries, contact bitdefender phone number and bitdefender customer service phone number, respectively. Bitdefender has won many prominent awards; such as Best Antivirus of 2014, The Best Performance 2014 Award by AV-TEST for its Endpoint Solution, two Editor’s Choice awards from PCMAG, and 2013 Editor’s Choice from CNET. By winning all 35 VB SPAM awards Bitdefender becomes first security solution to achieve this.

Bitdefender helps you by detecting and eliminating malware from your personal computer or mobile phone whether it is windows, mac, android or ios. For the purpose of serving customers, Bitdefender customer support team is always ready for the help and support via Bitdefender support phone number. Installation of Bitdefender is quite easy. You can easily install Bitdefender from the installation disc or use the web installer downloaded on your computer from Bitdefender Central. Even if, any user faces problem in installation and operations of Bitdefender they can get an instant help by contacting on Bitdefender customer support phone number or Bitdefender support phone number.

The latest version of Bitdefender 2017 is amazingly powerful and versatile. It has some new and improved features. Some of the new features are:

  • Anti-Ransomeware
  • Wi-Fi Security advisor
  • System tune-up and Disk clean up

Some new features are also added so as to make it more efficient. Some of these features are:

  • User Interface
  • Remote management
  • Parental Advisor
  • Anti-Theft

bitdefender phone numberBitdefender Antivirus Customer Service

While using Bitdefender, the user may face some problems; such as problem regarding setup and installation, general troubleshooting, a slow personal computer running issues, installation of the compatible version to get effective protection. Support for all these issues are provided by Bitdefender customer support phone number. The purpose of Bitdefender customer support number is to help users regarding the inconvenience caused by Bitdefender. Bitdefender believes in customer satisfaction. Bitdefender technical support team comprises of certified and experienced technicians. They are always ready to provide help and support to their users. Customers can easily contact Bitdefender team through bitdefender phone number or email. Bitdefender also provides 24/7 online customer support, contact bitdefender customer service phone number to avail the service. A team of dedicated technicians are always there to fix any kind of technical problems. Bitdefender believes in an instant problem resolution.

Bitdefender technical support team is very dedicated towards the commitment to resolve a problem in the first call with minimum time possible. Bitdefender technical support team is technically sound and well equipped to rectify your problem as soon as possible. Bitdefender technical support number and bitdefender technical support phone number helps their customers by providing an unparallel level of fast and accurate support. If a user experiences any issue about Bitdefender antivirus, they can use several means of resources to resolve the problem. At the same time, a user can contact Bitdefender customer support number and their representative will be available round the clock to resolve your problem by assisting you.

Bitdefender Technical support tips

Q. Why does Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus require an Internet connection?

  • Bitdefender scans the web pages, applications and the files the user visits and it also receives the command from Bitdefender account when using the Anti-Theft features. For the purpose of receiving commands, internet connection is mandatory. More information is available on Bitdefender tech support phone number. For any troubleshooting needs, contact bitdefender technical support phone number.

Q. Can user remove an application that is considered to be a threat for user’s privacy?

  • Yes, using privacy advisor user can manually remove an application. To do this user has to tap the desired application, and then tap the “uninstall application” key. Wait until uninstall process completes. for any further help, contact bitdefender contact number or for customer queries, call bitdefender customer service phone number.

Q.  How to turn off private advisory notifications?

  • First open Bitdefender mobile security and antivirus option.
  • Now tap menu button and select settings from the list
  • Visit privacy advisor option and choose the corresponding button.
  • If issue still persists, contact bitdefender phone number

Q. Will Bitdefender mobile security and antivirus impact the user’s device’s performance and battery?

  • The impact of Bitdefender on device and battery is very low. After installation of Bitdefender, when a user browses the application or wants a security check then only it uses battery. Bitdefender mobile security and antivirus do not run in the background when the user calls, plays game, type a message and do other things. If any technical help is needed, contact bitdefender technical support phone number.

Q. Where can the user see details about application activity?

  • Bitdefender antivirus software maintains all the log of activities, status change and all other important messages related to its activity. To know details about these activities user has to follow these steps:
    • Step1: Tap the menu button on Bitdefender software
    • Step2: Select “details” from the list. Now the user is able to see the details about the application activity.

Above mentioned are the few queries which remain on the mind of every user. Even if any user-faces issues related to Bitdefender antivirus they can call on Bitdefender technical support number or Bitdefender customer support phone number.

Bitdefender antivirus is security software that one can install on their mobile phone or personal computer to protect them from getting infected by malware. The term malware comes from combining two words malicious and software. The term “malware” defines the types of malicious software, such as viruses, Trojans, worms, adware, and spyware. If one’s system gets infected by malware, then it can be possible that a cyber attacker can capture your keystrokes, use your computer to attack others or can steal your document easily, for more clarification, contact bitdefender phone number. To protect a personal computer from malicious software, such as browser hijacker, keyloggers, rootkits, browser helper objectives, ransomeware, fraudtools, adware, adware and much more, you need to install modern antivirus software. It is necessary to install this software and keep them updating regularly so as to keep your system protected. More information available on Bitdefender support phone number. Several malwares with new versions are released every day. This makes it difficult for the antivirus program to detect them and provide protection against all of them. To minimize these kinds of problems, one needs to keep on updating the antivirus software frequently and in case of uncontrollable conditions call bitdefender contact number or bitdefender tech support phone number.

Generally, there are two types of antivirus software which helps in identifying malware:

a)    Signature detection

Signature detection scans your computer for characteristics of programs known to be malicious. It has its own database from where it matches and identifies the malicious software.

b)    Behavior detection

Behavior detection does not identify the malware but helps you by monitoring the behavior of the installed software. Whenever any program tries to access protected file or to modify any file, behavior-based antivirus automatically alerts you.